Basic Neuroscience of Addiction and Recovery


Basic Neuroscience of Addiction and Recovery, In-depth Understanding and Recovery Framework.

Suitable for individuals with addictions (substance or behavioural-related addictions), social workers, students, interested individuals, therapists & other professionals who are interested in deeper understanding of the addicted brain and ways to bring about gradual recovery.

What Attendees Are Saying:

This course gave me a real initial insight into the effects that early trauma can have upon the brain, affecting an individual’s capacity to cope and ultimately be susceptible and ‘drawn’ towards addictive behaviours. This knowledge will have a real positive effect on my practice. It was both fascinating and informative and I will definitely recommend the course to other professionals and individuals. Jackie C, Psychotherapist

Well presented, emphasis on compassionate approach whilst describing science. It’s hard to present complex neuropathology and incorporate the psychological elements. I would highly recommend this course, really good content and value for money. Karen D., Advanced Clinical Practitioner.

I liked the presenter’s manner, very knowledgeable but also very approachable. I will be sharing key points with my team who work in gambling education. Christina D., Project Development Officer, Scottish Gambling Education Hub

I found it really interesting and educational. I am a Family Recovery coach and work with the loved ones of addicts. I nurture them to prioritise their self-care by creating bespoke copying strategies as well as learning about addiction and how to support the addicted loved one in the right way. The families become addicted to the addicts’ emotions and behaviours without realising it, so the models you went through today also relate to the recovery journey of the Families. It’s virtually a mirror image. Linda E.

Thank you so much for today’s course, I found it really informative and it has helped me to reconnect to the need for compassion, understanding and support in working with traumatised and abused clients. It has also allowed me some much needed self compassion. Fiona S.

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