Basic Bar Bending Schedule Course – Part 1


Basic Bar Bending Schedule Course – Part 1, A Basic Course on How to Prepare Bar Bending Schedule for Footing in Excel Sheets.

This Course is Part 1 of Basic  Bar Bending Mastery Course Which Cover Bar Bending of Footing

Students Will  learn to Read Footing Structural Drawings and also Create the Excel Sheet on their own from Basics

Bar Bending Schedule is a definitive list of reinforcement bars for any structural element that includes a mark, shape, size, location, length, and bending details of the reinforcement. It is often referred to as BBS.

  • In context of Reinforcement bars, it is called bar scheduling. In short, Bar Bending Schedule is a way of organizing rebars for each structural unit, giving detailed reinforcement requirements. The bars should be grouped together for each structural unit, e.g. beam, column, etc. In a building structure, the bars should be listed floor by floor

Any BBS has only five steps of calculation such as

  • Find the number of reinforcement bars to be used
  • Find the cutting length of each bar
  • Find the number of stirrups calculation or number of distribution bars calculation if it is a slab
  • Find the cutting length of stirrups or extra bars (top rods)
  • List down all the bars into the table and find out the quantity of steel.

BBS Basics & Formulas to be remembered

  • Diameter of bars (in mm) – 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 28, 32, 36, 40 mm
  • The standard length of reinforcement bar – 12 metre or 40 feet
  • Weight of bar (Kg) per metre formula – D2/162
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