Banknifty Weekly Options : Trading Ideas & Trading Strategie


Banknifty Weekly Options : Trading Ideas & Trading Strategie, Weekly Option Trading Strategies.

In this class you will learn about all the nuances of trading bank nifty weekly options in Indian stock market.

Here you will learn

  • Some dumb things I did during my early days of weekly option trading, which you can avoid repeating.
  • Some novel set ups on bank nifty weekly option trading.
  • Some veteran strategies in weekly option

The course is right now in its early draft stage, more updates will be done in coming days.

  • I create these classes for you to understand, so if anything is unclear, feel free to ask, I be more than happy to help you figure it out or even reiterate the classes.
  • Strategies are being updated on daily basis as of now.

By finishing this course, you will be learning new methods and approaches in Bank nifty Weekly Option Trading. It will also help you to fine tune your existing trading strategies or methods in Bank nifty weekly options.

The focus of the class is purely for Bank nifty Weekly Options in Indian Capital Market with Thursday expiry. Hence it would not be good to apply in any other market.

You can comfortably apply these strategies in Thursday expiry following markets such as asx200 or similar products.

[Please do leave a review, be it good or bad, I would like to perfect this lectures, in ways possible, so your thoughts and criticism is most welcome.]

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