Arabic | Read and write Arabic alphabets like a PROFESSIONAL


Arabic | Read and write Arabic alphabets like a PROFESSIONAL, You tried to learn Arabic but you find the writing and reading are difficult ? Well this is the right course for you.

‘Marhaba’  Asslamu alaikum   Welcome!
Have you ever tried to learn Arabic but you find the Arabic letters hard to read and to write ??
well in this course you will not only to be able read and to write, But you will be a PROFESSIONAL in writing and reading the Arabic alphabets and you will be able to write long sentences comfortably and reading  stories and books in Arabic

*Welcome to learn Arabic with Mina 🙂
My name is Mina I am full time Arabic teacher in Egypt, teaching Arabic language is my greatest passion 🙂
In this course the students will be able to master  the Arabic language reading and writing  in a short time by learning with a fun techniques that made by a professional teacher who have been teaching the language for over 7 years to different students from all over the world online and in classrooms as well.

-At the end of this course will be able to:

* to Read and to write the Arabic perfectly:

-You will able to write, to read and to pronounce  perfectly the Arabic Alphabet.
– You will able to have a great Arabian accent and you will master the native sounds.
– you will able to practice reading and writing with the teacher and learn new words.
– you will read a short stories in Arabic with the teacher.

– you will be able to read and to write comfortably and confidently long sentences in Arabic.

*** Why you should take this course 10 reasons? ***

1- It made by a professional teacher with 7years of experience of teaching language.
2- Its very interactive and fun.
3- The teacher practice with you in the lecture.
4- It is presented in different ways between PowerPoint slides, Teacher talking and Writing on boards.
5- Worksheets for the lessons so you can practice alone.
6- The teacher gives homework plans and studying plans help you to study effectively and to see great results in a short time.
7- Meeting different styles of learners.

8- money back guarantee in 30 days, means if you don’t find any promises that i mentioned in the course you can get your money back.

9- The teacher will be available for you to answer all your questions about the course any time just send  email.

10- The teacher putting all his tips and easy methods to help you to reach your goal simply because he have been teaching the topics of this course hundreds of times, so he knows what the challenges you will have in the language  and he help you to overcome on all of them.

Finally i am so excited to start with you al, Hurry up  lets start our first lesson now!

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