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Arabic language for non-natives | Arabic4NoNs, Arabic language from ZERO level for non-native speakers.

This is a basic course which aims to teach non-native speakers the basics of Arabic language. The course is one of Arabic4NoNs essential courses. Arabis4NoNs is a promising institution that has the message of teaching Arabic language for non-native speakers in a comprehensive, practical and free of charge way. Learning as we believe should be free and available for all and the instructors working in Arabic4NoNs have the needed experience in this field.

Level of the course: Absolute Beginner. This course is meant to people who are studying Arabic language for the first time. So, in case you are not an absolute beginner, you can skip to the sounds part of this course.

Prerequisite: None, No any previous knowledge is required for this course, the course starts from beyond ZERO level.

Objectives: By the end of this course, you will be able to:

(1) Spell Arabic alphabet and read sounds. Representation of each letter in Arabic and its sound will be given.

(2) Write all Arabic letters correctly. We will practice in every lesson manually using pen and paper.

(3) Differentiate between some close sounds in pronunciation. There are some patterns and tips when talking about sounds in Arabic that we will learn about.

(4) Read correctly the unique sounds in Arabic.

(5) Write basic words correctly. We will not only practice writing the letters individually, but we will also practice some basic words.

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