Arabic alphabet part 1


Arabic alphabet part 1, Name and writing.

Hello everyone, I will be your instructor in this course

This is an Arabic course made for absolute beginners in the Arabic language and for all ages, you will need paper and pen to write with the instructor,  and then you can record your writing and send it to me to correct you

This course is  2 parts:-

1st part: you will know the names, and how to write Arabic

2nd part: you will learn the sounds and how to read Arabic

This is the content of 1st part:-

  1. In the first lecture you will learn :-

How many letters are in the Arabic language?

The names of Arabic alphabet

The Writing style of Arabic

How to write the letter Alif , Baa, Taa, Thaa

2.    The second lecture you will learn:

today’s video we will take how to write ج ح خ د ذ ر ز

3.    At the third lecture we will learn:-

Writing س ش ص ض ط ظ

4.    In the forth lesson we will learn:-

You will know how to write ع غ ف ق ك ل

5.    In th last lecture you will learn:

The Writing of م ن ه و ي

I hope you will find this course helpful , and don’t forget to send feedback

Thank you

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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