Android Studio for Arduino: Temperature Control


Android Studio for Arduino: Temperature Control, Development of Bluetooth based Android App for Temperature Control.

This course is for everyone who wants to develop their own Android mobile app for controlling Hardware-based systems through Bluetooth connection. Maybe you are a student who wants to develop an interesting project or an engineer who wants to get knowledge in this field or you are a person who wants to develop the product in smart systems but don’t know how to do it. In each way, it is best course which guides you during the first steps of this journey.

This course is based on both Hardware and Software parts which help you to understand the full concept and be aware of the full operation of the system. You will create your Android mobile app from scratch without using App Inventor. In the tutorials, all of the parts are explained in appropriate ways which you can understand.

Android Studio for Arduino is a project-based course that also, combines a brief explanation of the concept. If you want to do something interesting and away from ordinary projects which make difference and allow you to improve skills for developing the idea which is inside of your head in the smart systems field, it is a course that will provide enough background. I am inviting you to join my course and start this journey together.

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