An Introduction to U.S-China Relations


An Introduction to U.S-China Relations, Make sense of the world around you with a firm grasp of the world’s most important bilateral relationship!

Are you interested in diplomacy? Or hope to make sense of the world around you? If not to speak confidently about global affairs with your peers?

Today, every news development, whether in business, economics, or politics, invariably involves happenings in the U.S-China relationship.

This course will tell you all you need to know not only about the factual aspects of their relationship, but also the dynamic that underlies it, which will enable you to critically analyse global affairs.

We will first go through the world views of both countries, where you would be able to see how it clashes and hence why relations between the two are not so easily resolved.

It would be followed by the history of relations, where you would understand how present-day U.S-China relations came to be.

Lastly, we would go through the individual aspects of their relationship, separated into the political, security, and economic realm.

I have studied this relationship for many years now, having read dozens of books on the topic and following developments closely. I have a blog of many years where I analyse relations to find out their broader implications, so you can certainly trust me to bring you comprehensive and accurate information.

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