Advanced Google Analytics + Regex using Examples | 2021


Advanced Google Analytics + Regex using Examples | 2021, Regex is Powerful. Learn Hidden Google Analytics Reports to increase your sales and customer acquisition.

Google Analytics Reports were not as EASY and EFFECTIVE before. Learn Tricky Reporting techniques to find valuable information that will increase your avg. session duration, Conversion Rate and overall ROI.

Clarity in the cluster of data is essential.

Learn Advanced Google Analytics with Regex. This is the best Google Analytics Expert Training Program that you are going to find to build your Analysis, Reporting and Web Optimization Expertise.

This Google Analytics Expert Program will teach you the advanced settings as well as take you through basics that help you with achieving goals and KPIs by going through clutter of data and finding the useful information that you need to know to ease your decision making.

With multiple lectures, and practice exercises, you get hands on training to get expertise in becoming Google Analytics specialist that will help you to become Google Certified Individual as well as help your business grow. I will try to keep the training program updated with requests and questions from the students.

Google Analytics is not as basic or simple as it looks, but if you are a Pro User you can find information and statistics that novice users cannot find. That is a difference between Google Analytics Expert and Google Analytics beginner user.

Overall, after completing this program, you will understand the content and products your visitors like; website optimization  changes, and what you need to increase sales, customers, and website traffic.

What will you learn in this training program?

  1. How to track KPIs
  2. Important Metrics that increase Website and Mobile App Traffic
  3. How to Optimize for Website Landing Pages
  4. Finding Top performing campaigns
  5. Finding Top performing website pages
  6. How to Analyze source/medium Reports?
  7. How to create custom reports using Regex?
  8. How to analyze website traffic report?
  9. How to analyze best channels for website or app traffic?
  10. Finding content your users like.

What students say?

Fouanta Gkioni: It was excellent, I learnt so many useful information and gain more insight knowledge of Google Analytics and how to apply them. Thank you so much, keep up the good work.

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