Active Shooter Response and Survival


Active Shooter Response and Survival, A proactive approach to best respond to and survive an active shooter situation.

Active Shooter incidents have become far too common. For most people, the thought of finding ourselves in a active shooter situation is terrifying and makes us feel powerless. However, there are ways to prepare against these horrible events and survive them if they do happen. This course goes far beyond the reactive Run, Hide, Fight program with a proactive approach to active shooter survival. This course will indeed cover your options to run, hide, or fight but, will also give you the situational awareness and threat assessment tools to stop these incidents before they ever happen. We’ll take a statistics and research driven look at active shooter incidents and empower you as an individual to be prepared, be knowable about how to respond, and ultimately survive the unthinkable. Knowledge is power and you will become far more powerful towards saving your own life and the lives of others once this course is finished. Unlike other active shooter courses with difficult acronyms that won’t help you under stress, this course is designed to be short, interesting, and easy to remember. A long time protective intelligence and self-defense specialist, P.J. Agness has been researching active shooter situations for decades and has even been involved in a few (which were resolved without incident).

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