A Mensa member teach you how to solve every IQ test for FREE


A Mensa member teach you how to solve every IQ test for FREE, After this course, your life will be easy in pre-employment process, student life, your day-to-day life.


Do you want to enter the Mensa organization or you are looking for a course that will help you to score better in the pre-employment process, or university application?

Well, you are in the right place.

I’m a Mensa member and I will teach you how to solve IQ questions and find the logic behind every question.

For short, after this course, you will be able to pass well the following test:

  • Mensa tests
  • Pre-employment test
  • School/University test
  • Any other IQ test

The course has a very well structure.

You will learn the 2 basic rules that you will need to use in every IQ question. Next, you will learn how to solve almost every question with numbers that exist. After that, you will learn the multiple logic behind every question with shapes/geometrical forms.

After you learn these common types of questions, you will learn in the next videos some rare questions and their solution.

In the end, after you know how to solve IQ questions, you will learn some tricks and also some methods to avoid errors, move quickly and find the best solution.

I’m a good speaker and you can understand me very well in these videos.

And as a plus, I explain everything about IQ tests. Even if others don’t explain in their videos, I explain, so the course is full of explanations easy to understand and keep in mind.

The price is also low than many other courses on the internet or here on Udemy.

So, why choose me as a teacher?

  1. All explanations provided
  2. Easy to understand and keep in mind
  3. My explanations will help you a lot during your life
  4. The price is affordable
  5. Friendly speaker

So, if you want to change your life, go, and purchase this course!

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