A Beginner’s Guide to Transforming Your Life


A Beginner’s Guide to Transforming Your Life, To Lead a Free and Proper Life.

This course is designed to help individuals to transform themselves. And lead a free and proper life within the world. By assisting the individual to perceive clearly. Perceive the world which surrounds them. And all its illusions.

The main topics covered within this course will be an individual’s conditioned mind, the illusion of the physical world, and attentiveness. These topics will be discussed in a recorded lecture.

· · The conditioned mind: The conditioned mind will be cover within the second section. It will discuss how and when the individual becomes conditioned. And the impacts of being conditioned.

· The illusion of the physical world: The illusion of the physical world will be covered within the third section. It will discuss the physical world’s nonexistence. Also, it will discuss the existences of one’s entity and its inner world.

· Attentiveness: Attentiveness will be covered within the fourth section. It will discuss what a state of attentiveness is . And how the individual becomes attentive. Also, the impacts of being attentive within life.

The course curriculum is based on the instructor’s book—Living Properly. But it is unnecessary to have read the book. This course covers the main points within the book. So, anyone could enroll within this course.

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